An Overview of Magento’s Get and Set Methods

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Magento handles its get and set methods in a way that if you do not understand how it works it can be confusing to you. In the beginning of this article you have to take a leap of faith and believe in magic. In Magento you can take nearly any model and get all the… Read more »

Using jQuery Listnav Plugin

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Yesterday I was looking around for a creative way to display what will eventually become a very large list of information. Generally I would just use extra links and sort them alphabetically. For me it had never seen like the most ideal solution. Forcing the user to wait while the page reloads itself is actually… Read more »

Creating a jQueryUI Accordian

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An accordion is the ideal choice for when you have to put a lot of information on the screen, but you do not have a lot of screen real estate available for that information. Luckily for us we can create an accordion very easily using jQueryUI. First thing you need to do is place all… Read more »

Securing Passwords With PHP

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Any website that stores users login information has to store their passwords. One thing that provides an extra layer of security for your users information is to do one way encryption on their passwords. You could in theory store their passwords as plain text, but if someone were able to get in to your database,… Read more »

Use cURL to Connect To Another System

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cURL is a very useful tool used to pragmatically connect and interact with other systems to do various tasks like download a Web Page or RSS feed. It is also used to send information to another computer and get a response. A common example of using cURL is when you are purchasing something online. When… Read more »