Hello Python

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As I talked about earlier, I am beginning to learn Python. I thought that this could be a good opportunity to document what I am learning and share my thoughts, experience and code. To be totally cliche, I figured I would first demonstrate how to create the Hello World program in Python. The most simplistic… Read more »

PHP Hello World

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Not be clich√©, but I any book, tutorial or website discusses a programming language always begins with a program that simply displays the text “Hello World” on the screen and I intend to follow that tradition. The process of writing text in PHP requires you to use either the “echo” of “print” function. There are… Read more »

innerHTML in jQuery

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Probably one of the more common things you use javascript for is to do simple replacement of text within a DIV. What you may not know is that you can use jQuery to make the command shorter (which makes it easier to type) and you actually can get more functionality than regular javascript.

jQuery Selector Tutorial

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Today’s topic is going to be a basic look at the jQuery Selector system.¬† This is one of the most widely used feature of jQuery and is one of the features that will save you the most time from regular JavaScript.