Using RedirectMatch to Cut Down on Number of Redirects

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Last year I had a project that required me to redirect over 50,000 URLs from an old website to a new website. This was one heck of a project, but having all those links disappear from Google simple was not an option (the company relies pretty heavily on Google for their revenue). One thing that… Read more »

Save Your Bandwidth! Let Google Host Your jQuery Library

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It may not be widely known, but Google has been hosting several JavaScript libraries on Google Code and jQuery is one of those libraries. This has a few different advantages to allowing Google to host this file for you including: It is hosted on Google.  Your bandwidth is not taken up by loading the library… Read more »

jQuery Plugin – jQuery Week Calendar

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jQuery Week Calendar is a great almost ready out of the box application that will give you the functionality that rivals Google Calendar. With a single command you can have a basic calendar display that you can create appointments with the same amount of ease you get from using Google Calendar.